Yoga Detox in Andros with Krishnataki & Nina Savidi

13th - 20th May 2012

...Achla Bay, Andros Island, Greece

This will be a week of detoxification using Yoga, Massage, meditation, nutritional cooking classes and the overwhelming healing effects of nature - sea, forest and sun. We will celebrate in this paradise deserted beach on the island of Andros, to connect, rebalance and offer ouselves a week of well-being and healing led by two yogic chefs.

The Programme

Morning meditation
Morning Yoga
Organic cuisine lessons
Thai Massage
Qi gong
Evening program of Salsa, Chanting or
Tantric meditation alternating


The place

In this unique natural shelter, Onar, offers the comfort of its traditionally built houses, constructed from natural, local materials: stone, wood, cane-reed from the riverside and elegantly furnished in warm earthy tones.

In this remote, natural bay, featuring the chapel of St Nicolas the Healer, situated on a rock facing the most impressive sunrise, millions of shells transformed over time to tiny grains of colored sand which caress you in the sparkling, emerald waters, offering unforgetable moments of joy and euphoria.

Nestled amongst tall plane trees are 10 traditional houses, hewn from local stone. Proof of existance of giants. They are settled along the river hugged by ferns, symbols of rejuvenation and long life. There ends a wetland habitat, rare in vegetation, and spectacular in beauty which forms a natural passage to the breathtaking Achla bay.

The Facilitators

 Krishnataki, originally from Greece, has been teaching Thai Yoga massage and yoga since 1998 having lived and studied in Thailand and India. His first gateway to the East was through the inspirational teachings of Tai Chi master Tew Bunnag which led him down the path in search of his true spiritual essence. He is now a senior massage teacher of the Sunshine Network, and has trained with Thai massage masters Pichet Boonthume, Chayuth Priyasith and Asokananda and has a Sivananda Yoga background. Alongside these studies, he has also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Athens Academy as well as classical and modern nutrition and detox techniques from both the East and West and has been a chef for over 20 years. His base is at Sunshine House, where he leads a variety of retreats in massage, yoga, nutrition, cooking and meditation, aimed at igniting the spiritual, healing flame that lies dormant in each and every one of us. However he still spends time travelling abroad to teach and also study, where possible. He is renown for his unique, fun-loving and passionate way of teaching as well as his generous spirit, hot hands and delicious home-made recipes.



Nina is passionate about yoga, cooking, vegan raw food, acrobatics, circus arts, Thai massage. She found her way through the practice of non-violence when she changed her diet to vegan.

 After becoming a certified raw food chef in Matthew Kenney’s  105 degrees Academy in Oklahoma, U.S.A, she started getting more interested in the healing path of raw food and yoga. She worked as a chef in various yoga seminars, which brought her close to the practice of yoga. In 2010 Nina found her teacher, Dharma Mittra and started studying yoga under his guidance. She graduated from both 200 and 500 hour “Life of a Yogi” teacher trainings, led by Dharma and his disciples. As she was taught by her beloved teacher Dharma-ji, to know and understand the real self it is essential to cultivate compassion for all beings, reverence, kindness and letting go of the ego. Without all these qualitites, there is no yoga. Her website of delicious recipes is

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